About Me

Welcome to my little cooking journal, as I like to call it. I’m Kathleen, and my hope here is that you will find a smattering of tasty dishes to try and enjoy.  A former New Yorker, and then Seattlite, I am an amateur baker and chef, dog owner, DIY-er, and wife (not necessarily in that order). While currently living in eastern Washington, I’ve been taking time to appreciate the beauty of the desert, while sticking to my roots.

I love Italian food, bold flavors, homemade pies, fresh berries, and farmer’s markets.  When I’m not figuring out how to make a pie crust with less butter, I’m spending time with my original taste tester/husband and our labrador, Molly.

Most of what I post will be relatively simple recipes that you could create on a hectic week night when the dog needs to go out, bills must be paid, and laundry folded. I hope that you find cooking as fun and at times, relaxing, as I do. Cooking is my chance to release the creativity I know is hanging around somewhere. Although I’d like to take the credit for my interest in cooking and baking, let’s be honest, I am entirely encouraged and inspired by my mother and sisters, and fabulous husband.  You’ll find that I often have trouble sticking to recipes (much to my grandmother’s chagrin) but the outcome is usually delicious.



9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I really like the new venue, very you! I must try the bbq chicken with quinoa and of course some of the sweeter items. Love, Mom

  2. Your pizza square picture makes me want to try these. Perhaps I’ll actually have a bit of time in the next few days to do just that. Great blog and wonderful pix: you look so lovely – and happy! Next time you’re coming to the island, let us know; we’d love to see you. Happy Summer! Rebecca (and Francis says hi, too).

  3. Hi, I love the newest entries, the cupcakes look like a dream and I love the sweet background of the familiar items. The Seattle entry is perfect, looks like a beauty enjoying life!!

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