I’m very very excited to go to this place.  We just read an article on the Seattle Times about Molly Wizenberg & husband and how ridiculously cool they are.  I’ve been reading her blog for quite some time now, but had recently lapsed from my reading.  Her blog is my blog’s idol. Cool and classy, well-written and smart.

If you haven’t checked out her blog, restaurant, and book, please do. I’ve already penciled in visiting Delancey on our next Seattle trip.

Molly Wizenberg has a new book and baby on the way too, plus, Delancey is in Ballard; the best place ever.

We just got back from the Pasco Farmer’s Market, where I bought: a purple pepper, yellow tomatoes, and some rather large peaches. I’m already dreaming up something rich and dreamy.

Happy Saturday!


One thought on “Excited

  1. This a delightful blog and will make you think, but I do like yours already! The Pasco Market looks full and interesting and I am sure that you have some good ideas for your purchases. Happy Saturday to you both.

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